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 What is a Toss?

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PostSubject: What is a Toss?   Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:01 am

Introduction ni cya kung unsa ang toss,since wla man au ga post maybe you don't know unsay rules sa toss and unsaon pagdula ni..

1.mura rani cya ug sequence sa numbers..
for example:
1st poster c elen so iya ibutang 1...
2nd poster c akage so iya ibutang 2..
until muabot sa last number and poster which is number 10..ok?

2. if mag toss c parat ug id...dli ka pwede mu request..coz dis is not a request section..we need to follow his toss rules like 10th poster wins the toss.

3. 1 post per user...bawal ang mag back to back post,dli ka pwede nga nag post nka ug number 1,mupost pa jud ka utro ug number 2,3,4,5,6,7,8...etc...pro naay times nga i-implement ang back to back post depende sa tosser if musugot xa ana nga rule..

4. bawal ang mag spam..dli pwede ug chika chika sa toss...tanan chika2x..delete...gawas if naay number ug gus2 mo muapil sa toss..

5. no double posting..delete ang double post..

6. Enjoy Playing..

PS: parat..ikaw na bahala pasabot sa ilaha ha...ahahaha..mao rana ako ika alagad... clap clap clap


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PostSubject: Re: What is a Toss?   Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:10 pm

nice explanation sis MAI2 no need to explain na good job sooo i hope mo participate tanan sa TOSS para dali mahuman lol! dali mahuman means another ID soon to TOSS d ba d'od

topic locked....... good job


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What is a Toss?
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